Meet The Family - Lichen NYC

We caught up with our friends Ed and Jared, founders of Lichen, to pick their brains about current events, fashion and ornithology - and to throw on some FSC gear.


Lichen is an "interior design incubator." What happens here?

Ed & Jared: We call ourselves an "incubator" because most of the time we're sitting on designs & concepts that take months or longer to complete or come to fruition. Sometimes you need a homie to tell you the thing that was missing; and when it's fully cooked we plan how & when to present.

You're a small business. How did you survive 2020?

Ed & Jared: We survived by giving our community what they wanted/needed; Desks and Desk chairs – sofas, bookshelves and items that make a home more comfortable now that we all have to spend a considerable amount of time there, probably now more than ever. 

What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?

Ed & Jared: Wild fast, like really fucking fast probably. 

Suits or sweats?

Ed & Jared: Suits 

What's going to be awesome in 2021?

Ed & Jared: Not having Trump as president is a start, Kosovo is going to have a big year, Memes, and $1 empanadas from Juan on manhattan ave.