Our Story

Freemans Sporting Club was established to pay tribute to the vanishing art of handmade American goods. Our menswear is inspired by functional, long-lasting workwear, timeless American style, and our great love of the great outdoors.

We believe in the value of high quality materials and thoughtful design. This is a big part of why we love doing custom suiting.

Getting to build one thing - the right thing - with our client is great. We like it way better than mass producing a bunch of things and then figuring out how to get rid of them as quickly as possible.


Made Local, Buy Local

When we opened, all our clothes were made within 10 miles of our store.

Our shirts were made in New Jersey by a 3rd generation custom shirting family. Our pants and Isle of Man jackets came down from the garment district in Midtown. We hunted deadstock fabric from the jobbers on the Lower East Side and carried it to Jay at Martin Greenfield in East Williamsburg. He'd make our suits between bigger orders, which seemed fair enough, and taught us a few things about tailoring.

Our business has had to change and grow. But wanting to make good things responsibly has not. And we learn every day that it's a bigger job than we thought.

We still try to work with small, family-owned factories and mills who treat their employees well.

We still try to keep our manufacturing stages (weaving, dyeing, sewing, etc.) local to each other, even if they aren't always within 10 miles of our store any longer. (This isn't just good for reducing transportation and supporting healthy local economies, by the way, it's also better for our cost of goods and overall bottom line).

We are also learning to use raw materials with a low environmental impact at both ends of their life cycles.


Our Standard

We strive to make clothes that will last and are useful in a wide range of situations.

There are a few rules of thumb we follow to get there: design garments that are functional, tailorable, and repairable; make them with high quality fabrics in high quality constructions; and pre-shrink them so they are easy to take care of and a single washing machine mishap won't send them straight to a landfill. Pre-washing the clothes actually also makes them feel pretty great right off the bat, too.



The Freemans Family

FREEMANS RESTAURANT is one of New York's most iconic hangouts.

The eponymous flaming cocktail and artichoke dip are legendary. The low-key vibe upstairs among the bookshelves and couches is unmatched.


FSC BARBER is on a time-out.

Stay tuned for the imminent return of your friendly neighborhood barbers.