At Freemans Sporting Club, we offer two custom suiting programs: Made to Measure and Made to Order.

Having two programs lets us tailor the process and price to your needs, not just the final garment.

We've summarized the programs below, but we hope you will get in touch for a free consultation to find out more, have a drink, and check out some fabrics.

We've been building custom clothes with our clients for over ten years, and we love it, whether it's for your first wedding or your umpteenth bachelor party.

Appointments may now be booked online by following this link.


  • The most precise fit from a full suite of measurements. Really shines for guys who have tougher body types, like Shaq or Danny Devito.

  • Made in New York.

  • Floating canvas construction. Choice of full or half canvas.

  • (Nearly) total style freedom: jacket lapels, dinner jackets, unconstructed blazers, pant details, vests, winter coats, kilts, etc.

  • Fabrics from the world's best mills, curated over ten years and suitable for every occasion. Loro Piana, Barbaris, Harris Tweed, American Woolen, Piacenza, Scabal, and so on.

  • 3 fittings.

  • Allow 10 to 11 weeks between your first and third fittings.

  • Sport Coat starting at $1,100 (not inclusive of fabric)

  • Shirt from $199 (inclusive of opening range fabric)

  • Most alterations included.


  • Great for guys who fit our off the rack suit well, and just need the big tweaks like chest, sleeve length and inseam.

  • Choose the fabric you need, as well as key details like pockets & linings.

  • 100s of fabrics from the best mills around the world that will cover 90% of guys' needs.

  • 4 straight-forward price tiers, grouped by fabric range.

  • Half canvas construction.

  • Allow 5 weeks between your first and third fittings.

  • 3 fittings.

  • Sport Coat starting at $850 (inclusive of opening range fabric).

  • Pant hems included, most other alterations a la carte.