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Lightweight Stretch Cashmere Sportcoat

Perhaps the most refined product in our tailored collection, the “Unconstructed” Stretch Freeman Sportcoat is the product of 18 months of R&D.

The Sportcoat is constructed with Estrato Cashmere, a truly innovative and special fabric developed by Trabaldo Togna in Italy. What makes this cloth distinct is the natural (no spandex) 2-way stretch that is created by blending a warp yarn, with 12% natural stretch, and a weft yarn, with 17% natural stretch and then washing the cloth before cutting to induce shrinkage. The resulting cloth is very soft to the touch with enough natural stretch to allow for unparalleled comfort and range of motion.

The jacket is “unconstructed” because a typical lining would interfere with the stretch in the fabric. We’ve replaced the shoulder pads with a hand-shaped piece of lightweight canvas that follows the existing lines of your shoulder. It’s a more relaxed look aided by the inclusion of a “floating” canvas chest piece and shirt-sleeve construction, making it very lightweight and extraordinarily comfortable.

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